How do you transform your home into Home With AI smart home?

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Now we have smart homes where the minute you enter, it intuitively and automatically turns the lights turn on, your favourite music starts playing and the air conditioner is set at the perfect temperature. It’s like having your own personal home assistant.

The best thing about Home With Ai, is that transforming your home into a high-tech standout home is simple, easy and affordable. With Home With AI, you can integrate Home With AI into your existing home or build your own smart home. With so many bundled options to choose from, Home With AI can help you get an idea of what you should if you’re planning to turn your house into a smart home.

1. How do you get started with transforming your home into a Smart Home?

For new homeowners and property developers, starting from scratch and building your home integrated with Home With AI is a cost effective and easy solution. Building your smart home ensures that smart automation features and smart fittings and fixtures are considered during the design and build of your new home.

Homeowners looking to give their existing home the smart home makeover, can also look to Home With AI to discuss their options of integrating and installing different smart devices into their homes. With Home with AI, we provide an added piece of mind with our 12 months aftercare service to provide smart home guidance and support.

Start With a Smart Starter Bundle

The Smart Starter Bundle acts as the foundation of your Smart Home. It includes a central controller, the Google Home smart home device which provides connective control with a single voice demand or from a touch of a button.

It also features, basic light control for two rooms, wifi extender, smart door entry, home touch screen, mobile integration and 12 months after service care and support.

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2. Plan Ahead Which Home With AI Bundles You Need

Home With AI makes the process of building a home automation system for your house easier and cost effective. Choose to control a wide range of features within your home with a simple voice command or from your tablet or smartphone. Think about the features that you want such as controlling the lighting, fan or air conditioning, integrate a security system, an entertainment system or the complete smart home automation system.

The beauty of Home With AI, is that we provide highly recommended quality smart devices and appliances to make the process of home automation a little easier. Check out the AI bundles available from Home With AI below.

AI Light Bundle includes the devices and installation for an integrated light control for all rooms, easy adjust light scenes, lighting room sensors, Phillips Hue LED products and fan control.

AI Security Bundle includes the devices and installation for an integrated security system complete with CCTV security for two areas.

AI Entertainment Bundle includes devices and installation for complete audio speaker control and media integration system.

AI Energy Bundle includes devices and installation for complete thermal control and an energy monitoring system

3. Complete Installation and Wiring by Home With AI Engineers

Integrating a serious and even complete home automation system can become complex, which is why Home With AI do what we can to make both the process simple and cost effective.

Home With AI provide licensed electricians to install all the electrical components of your smart home. In Australia, it’s required by law that all installation and testing of mains-connected electrical devices must be completed by a licensed electrician.

4. 12 months After Care Service

We’ll keep in regular contact to ensure that all your Home With AI services are running smoothly and also if your smart home system requires any updates or configurations. For example If you happen to upgrade your smart TV or any other smart appliances, Home With AI technicians will be able to either remotely re-program or visit your home.



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