What is a Smart Home?

Smart Home is the Future Trend

My favourite way of winding down from a long day, is walking through my door as the lights turn automatically, taking off my shoes and then asking my Google Home device to play my favourite music, as I rustle through my fridge and prepare dinner. It’s just simple home automation that instinctively makes your day so much better.

So, what does it mean to make your Home Smart? Put simply, transforming your home into a smart home is about connecting your home and giving you the amazing ability to control your lighting, security, energy usage and entertainment through your voice or a single device.

It’s beginning to sound like something from the movies like Back to the Future, but believe it, the future of smart homes and smart automation is here. It takes home improvement to the next level, and the brilliant part is that it works! Whether you’re looking to transform your existing home into a smart home or build your new home with smart home automation, the options available can start basic from lighting control to advanced home automation features such as security and surveillance control.

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Say Hi to Your Personal Smart Home Assistant

To get started, you’ll need to have a central controller, available with the Smart Starter Bundle, which acts as your reliable digital home assistant and has the ability to take your voice commands or act with a simple push of button.

 “It’s so much more than a a music streaming device!”

 With Home With AI, our expert team will help you choose the best voice controller dependent on the availability within the market. Current market leaders like Google Assistant are so much than a music streaming device, together with third party devices, they have the ability to help you control lights, play music, set timers, create shopping lists, make and answer calls, control the thermostat, control your tv, appliances, blinds and even answer burgeoning questions like, “where can I order Thai takeaway?” The list feels endless.

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How will you use your Home With AI Smart Home?

Home With AI provides property developers and homeowners with a easy, simple and cost effective solution that includes all the devices and installation to creating your smart home.

You have the option to start with the Smart Starter Bundle and depending on your budget and needs, choose to add additional AI Bundles including AI Energy, AI Security, AI Entertainment and AI Light

With absolute ease, you’ll find yourself saving money on our energy bills, feel more secure at home and when you’re away, love the ease of entertaining guests and find enjoyment with the ease of smart home automation.



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